GW Instek Announces the Release of the Brand New Oscilloscope Control Software of Freewave V3.22 for the Whole Series of GW Instek Digital Oscilloscopes

GW Instek announces the release of the brand new oscilloscope control software of Freewave V3.22 for the whole series of GW Instek digital oscilloscopes including GDS-1000-U, GDS-1000A-U, GDS-2000A, and GDS-3000. The new software supports Windows 8 32/64bit and Windows 7 32/64bit operating systems. For Windows XP or Vista operating systems, please download Freewave V3.21.

After installing the software in the PC, users must connect GW Instek digital oscilloscopes with the PC via USB. V3.22 software and user manual can be downloaded from GW Instek website for free. Freewave V3.22 allows users to remotely observe signals; retrieve waveform data and direct tests. Image file (.bmp/.jpg/.gif/.tif/.png) or waveform information (.csv) can be selected for log format. In the meantime, long memory information retrieving for GDS-1000A-U and GDS-2000A can also be achieved by using the new updated software.  GDS-1000A-U or GDS-1000-U can record waveform information into video file (.wmv) for further detailed observation and analysis.