The PA72D16180A is a high-speed digitizer able to capture signals with a speed of up to 180 MSps (million samples per second) with a 16-bit resolution. It is a daughter board for the PA72 series flexible PXI/PXIe generator and digitizer platform, and it succeeds the PA72D16180.

New to the PA72D16180A is the addition of a 1MΩ input impedance selection, which also allows for higher input range voltages, up to 30V peak-to-peak. Also the input bandwidth is increased up to 170MHz.

The PA72D16180A replaces the PA72D16180, making the improvements available for every new customer. Existing customers can still ask for a PA72D16180 when extending their current application.

The PA72 series is developed by Applicos as a flexible platform for digitizers, generators and more. A baseboard provides basic functionality like PXI bus interfacing, power supplies, clock generation and calibration circuitry, where up to two daughter boards may be placed to add arbitrary waveform generator channels, digitizer channels, digital I/O channels, etc.. Available daughter boards include 14- or 16-bit generators and digitizers, digital I/O cards, and analog filtering cards.

PXI is a standardized platform for compact modular measurement equipment. It is becoming more and more popular for its modular kind and compact size.

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