41-720 PXI Isolated Power Supply

Single channel Fixed Output PXI power supply

Output Voltages Of 3.3V, 5V, 12V And 15V Available, suitable for powering DUT

● One Slot Module Provides Up To 4 Regulated Output Voltages
● Short Circuit and Thermally Protected
● Power On/Off Control For Each Regulated Output
● Output Voltages Of 3.3V, 5V, 12V And 15V Available
● Bipolar Output Can Be Used To Provide 10V, 24V and 30V
● Output Isolated From The PXI Power Supply
● Fully Floating Operation
● Available With D-Type Plug Or 1mm Sockets
● VISA Drivers Supplied For Windows XP/Vista/7 Plus Soft Front Panel

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The 41-720 Isolated Power Supply module provides fixed output voltage power supplies suitable for powering devices under test that have a medium power consumption. The module is ideal for providing fixed voltages to the device under test and can significantly reduce the space needed by the test system by eliminating the bench power supply from the system.

The output voltages are fully isolated from the chassis and can be used as floating outputs referenced to a DC pedestal voltage.

The module can be supplied with a variety of voltage options, each module having one isolated bipolar or low voltage output and two isolated single output voltages.

The bipolar output provides two output voltages, one positive and one negative, referenced to a common output terminal. The outputs can be used in series for higher voltage applications. A low voltage version provides a high current 3.3V option in place of the bipolar output. All single output voltages can be used to provide a positive or a negative output by simply using either the negative or the positive output as the reference.

The voltage regulators use a switch mode pulse width modulated regulator that can operate at up to 80% efficiency to preserve the available power from the chassis.



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