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TDR Measurement

TDR in picoseconds domain , Fault detection , Cable / Connector Fault Location ,Dielectric Measurements

One Line – TDR /TDT & DiElectric Measurements

Fault Location on RF Boards , PCB’s  Single & Differential , DiElectric Measurements , and Modules &Systems .


Sequid GmbH is a young and innovative high-tech company focussing on the field of high frequency measurement technology. We are mainly aiming at making the versatile time domain reflectometry (TDR) applicable to unsolved measurements challenges. Our existing measurement technology is especially well suited for impedance controlled printed circuit boards (PCB), either on test coupons or in-circuit, cables and connectors. We are your competent partner when it comes to affordable high performance TDR measurement equipment, easy & comfortable report creation as well as impedance calculations.

We are mainly focussing on the following applications:

  • High frequency measurement technology (high resolution TDR measurements in the picosecond domain, scattering parameters in GHz frequency domain)
  • Impedance control: impedance controlled PCBs, cable & connectors, wave im­pe­dance measurement, & calculation.
  • Fault detection & localization on printed circuit boards and in electrical & electro-mechanical devices with spatial resolution <10mm
  • Dielectric spectroscopy in the GHz range (complex permittivity measurements)
  • Materials measurement (food industry, moisture measurement, geo­physi­cal applications)
  • Industrial process control (fermentation, complex fuel gauging).


1) Time domain reflectometry in the picoseconds domain
2) Differential & single-ended impedance measurements on PCB (printed circuit boards)
3) Dielectric measurements in the gigahertz range
4) Application specific measurements in industrial & outdoor environments


TDR Accessories & Di-electric Probes


Sequid GmbH – Your High Frequency TDR-Experts

1) TDR Measurement with STDR/T-65 Technology

2) Impedance Control & Fault Localization Tools PCBs, Connectors, & Cables

3) STLC – The affordable Transmission Line Impedance Calculator

4) SMAS® – für spezialisierte TDR- & TDT-Systeme

5) Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy

6) RFQ-Scan: Material & Food Analysis

7) Consulting Services in high-frequency measurements & circuit design

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