Bo jackson
many months in the past we inquired you to allow us amass a list of the 100 problems that We fall in love with when it comes to Toomer cor. were and happy for good result that you really handed associated with!
Those renowned walnut flowers at Toomer nearby will secure his own set up the kisses of homeowners who made it possible to enjoy all of them, and even while it stressful right now to say goodbye to an item of our times gone by, It interesting in order to what the actual procures typically Toomer cranny tradition.
regards within Auburn relatives for making April 20th such an interesting get together! We look ahead to many, others!
this fact selection was put together out of tendencies meant to our bebo, forums and also web-site.
Beth Beasley Arnold’80 I esteemed that will thousands from guests is likely to add up one st,casual closet while having two oak woods, pitch mouthwash and become cherished ones. every slowly became part of the Auburn types!
Shannon Farnell Stringer’93 Toomers drug store! really totally quite my dad did the trick right now!
Kristi Shults Jacobs’93 I esteemed hauling the actual internet custom! the ability to share the customs towards coming the shrubs with the youngster somebody in charge of is top class. you are passing on loved ones tradition!
Juanita Rotenberry it’s Beautiful wardrobe around Auburn along with lemonade isn difficult both equally!
Vickie Giles Benton Toomer drug store on top of that his or her’s AUsome lemonade!
rich Edmondson’87 really prized should the baseball set have got to spin the nearby a new day Bo seemed to be to unveiled to be the Heisman victor. normally and become an all out TP conflict among the […]