Gas Analysers

Flue gas analysis ensures burners are operating economically and to environmental standards. Testo understand that measuring instruments must be reliable and efficient. For this reason, they are subject to tough tests in the field. Testo offer a large range of well engineered, portable flue gas analysers which ensure that you can work efficiently, quickly and professionally.

Emissions Monitoring:
The requirements and products in the emission measurement sector are becoming more complicated and specialised. Testo have many years experience and offer measurement systems which guarantee results at the highest efficiency levels, offering the following important features:

• Pre-calibrated electrochemical gas sensors with electronics attached which are as easy to change as batteries
• Long service life of the gas sensors which reduce test gas adjustment intervals
• Built-in Peltier gas preparation unit with hose pump for automatic condensate elimination

Whatever the requirement and application Testo will have the instrument to suit, whether it is a reference, industrial or portable flue gas or emissions analyser.

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