2U DC power supply

0-200V / 0-24A / Upto 4000W (2U Type)



200VDC series product is a switching mode single-channel output high-precision programmable DC power supply. It can meet various demands for the application of DC power supply with stable DC output and built-in voltage & current measurement capability.

Areas of Application:
●  Automobile Sector: Used for automobile electronics product testing,and simulation of the voltage waveform of automobile under different conditions.

●  LED Sector: Used for LED driver and LED product testing and burn-in test.
●  Automatic Testing Sector: Can be integrated in automatic testing system to test electricity  parameters, and to supply power to the products under testing.
●  Medical Field:Used for medical device testing or it being integrated in medical equipment.
●  Communication Sector: Used for the tests of communication power supply and electronic devices.
●  Household Field:Used for household products test.
●  Scientific Research Sector:Used in scientific research units, colleges & universities,and certification institutions for laboratory testing and power supply.
●  Aerospace Sector: Used for aviation electronic products testing and power supply.

Product Features:
●  With accurate voltage and current measurement capability.
●  Coded knobs, multifunctional keyboard.
●  Standrad RS232/LAN/RS485/USB interface,GPIB is optional.
●  Remote sensing to compensate for voltage drop in load leads.
●  DVM independent measurement functions.
●  Function of editing List waveform.
●  Use SCPI commands.
●  CE certified.

Product Advantages:
(1)High efficiency
APM programmable 200VDC source has an operating efficiency of up to 92%. In the circuit design, switch tube is using zero (0) voltage conductor and when the circuit is running, the damage inflicted on the device itself is reduced, and subsequently increase the overall efficiency while lowering the rate of temperature rise of the DC source. Compare with other similar types of product in markets, APM Technologies’ programmable DC source has an obvious advantage.

(2)Ultrafast Respond Time
The unique fast drop function makes the response of APM programmable 200VDC source much better than that of any other similar products available on the market.

 No load voltage rise time  ≤30ms  Full load voltage rise time  ≤30ms
 No load voltage drop time  ≤500ms  Full load voltage drop time  ≤20ms

(3)DVM measurement function
APM programmable DC source’s built-in DVM independent measurement function can measure the value of output voltage at the output terminal, and display the value at VFD screen by switchover the front-panel buttons. The DC source can also be used as external equipment in laboratory testing to measure the voltage values.

(4)Master/Slave Control
In the master-slave control mode, up to 4 units of APM programmable DC source can be used in a series or parallel mode.
Master-slave control mode can realize the effect as “a hundred responses to a (single) call”. Once the master-slave mode is settled, “SLAVE” will be locked in the main interface and exclusively controlled by “MASTER”. When there is a “SLAVE” signaling of protection mode, all the DC sources will turn off and exit master-slave mode.

(5)Simple series/parallel output
When users require high output power, APM programmable 200 VDC source can achieve the output power by using up to 10 programmable DC sources in a series or parallel mode.

(6)Series Mode Functions
APM programmable 200 VDC source via its RS485 interface can be operated in a series mode by using up to 31 units of the device ,thus makes it possible to simultaneously control all the DC sources connected on RS485 from PC.

Outline dimension drawing:
Outline dimensions (W * H * D) = 483.0 mm * 87.0 mm * 581.0 mm


 Mode  SPS200VDC1000W  SP200VDC2000W  SP200VDC3000W  SP200VDC4000W
1  Input Voltage Range  90-265VAC  190-265VAC  190-265VAC  190-265VAC
2  Input Frequency Range  47-63Hz
3  Power Factor  >0.98
4  Input Power  1300VA(MAX)  2400VA(MAX)  3400VA(MAX)  4500VA(MAX)
5  Output Voltage Range  0-200V
6  Output Current Range  0-24A
7  Voltage Load Regulation  15mV  15mV  15mV  25mV
8  Current Load Regulation  24mA
9  Voltage Setting Accuracy  0.1%+15mV
10  Current Setting Accuracy  0.1%+24mA
11  Voltage Measurement Accuracy  0.1%+15mV
12  Current Measurement Accuracy  0.1%+24mA
13  Voltage Ripple[1]  150mVp-p/30mVrms
14  Current Ripple[1]  50mA (Full Range)
20mA (TYP value)
 15  Voltage Temperature Coefficient[2]  100ppm/℃
 16  Current Temperature Coefficient[2]  150ppm/℃
17  DVM Resolution  1mV
18  DVM Accuracy  0.1%+15mV
19  Remote Compensation  5V MAX
20  Load Transient Response Time  ≤2ms  ≤3ms  ≤3ms  ≤3ms
21  Command Response Time  50ms
22  Efficiency(Full Load)  88%  90%  91%  92%
23  Protection Function  OVP/OCP/OTP/OPP/SCP
24  Weight  13.2kg
25  Communication Modes  1.  RS232/RS485/USB/LAN,
2.  RS232/RS485/USB/LAN/GPIB
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