19 Slot PXI Chassis

Pickering 40-923A - Chassis with high performance PXI/cPCI backplane, 600W power supply and remote chassis monitoring feature.

● 3 Slot PXI System Controller Compatible
● 600W Industrial Grade Power Supply
● Compact Benchtop Footprint
● Integrated Carrying Handles
● Low Profile 4U Rugged Design
● Remote Chassis Monitoring System
● Power, Temperature and Fan Monitoring LEDs
● Low Audible Operating Noise
● Optional Rack Mounting Kit
● RoHS Compliant


Pickering Interface 40-923A PXI Chassis is a fully compliant 19 slot PXI chassis that can accept any 3U PXI or cPCI module. The chassis is ideal for bench top use or for use in a rack system.

The 40-923A includes all the features and performance required by the PXI standard and supports a control interface or embedded controller and up to 18 additional 3U peripheral modules. The control interface can be provided by a Pickering’s 41-924 PCIe to PXI
interface kit, allowing the chassis to be controlled from a PC.

The chassis is fitted with a 600W industrial grade power supply mounted at the rear of the unit with sufficient capacity to support PXI modules with very high current demands.

An intelligent chassis management system monitors the power supply voltage, internal temperature and the cooling fan speed. The current condition of the chassis is displayed on front panel status LEDs and can also be monitored remotely via an RS232 port.

Three 120mm fans insure maximum PXI module cooling and an efficient direct convection design allows the chassis to operate over an extended ambient temperature range of 0ºC to +55ºC.

The 40-923A chassis can also be supplied with mounting brackets for installation into a standard 19” rack. These brackets are adjustable allowing the chassis to be recessed by up to 10cm, allowing clearance for connector blocks and module wiring.

The system slot is compatible with any PC-PXI bridge and any 3 slot wide PXI controller

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