41-736 Dual Programmable -10V Power Supply

Dual channel 0 to -10V / 1A

Provides high quality regulated voltages from a linear regulator to ensure low levels of output noise.

● Dual Output Non-Isolated Power Supply
● Low Noise Outputs For Testing Sensitive Devices
● Fine 16 bit Output Voltage Control For Evaluating Device Characteristics
● Up To 1 Amp and –10V Output On Each Channel
● Port For High Accuracy Current Monitoring With DMM
● Leakage Measurement Capability
● Remote Sense Lines
● PXI Backplane Or External Source Of Power
● Single Slot 3U Instrument
● VISA Drivers Supplied For Windows XP/Vista/7 Plus Soft Front Panel

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The 41-736 is a single slot power supply module providing two programmable negative output voltages. The module provides high quality regulated voltages from a linear regulator to ensure low levels of output noise. The module is perfect for providing power to low power test targets and provides fine control of the DC output level to allow the accurate characterisation of device sensitivity and efficiency.

The module allows the power to be supplied either from the PXI -12V chassis supply or from an external power source.
Remote sense connections on both the positive and ground outputs are used to regulate the output voltage at the load, ensuring that wiring voltage drops do not affect measurement accuracy in the test system.

The monitor facility provides a simple and effective method of connection a DMM or Data Acquisition device to a single port that allows the output voltages at the front panel or the load to be very accurately measured and for the current consumption of the load to be calculated. A special mode can be invoked to allow the measurement of leakage or standby current for devices designed for power sensitive applications.

The monitor port is available on both the D Type connector and a dedicated monitor connector designed to make the daisy chaining of modules simple to use with a single DMM.The 16-bit setting resolution of the output voltage combined with the accurate monitoring facility is perfect for characterising device performance as a function of supply voltage


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