41-752 PXI Battery Simulator

Six Channel Battery Simulator

300mA Source,100mA Sink current, Output Voltage Adjustable 0 to 7V, Stackable to 700VDC

● 6 Power Supplies In A Single PXI Slot
● Independent Sense Connections
● Ideal For Battery Stack Emulation
● 750V Independent Isolation Barriers
● Up To 300mA Output Per Simulator
● Battery Charging Emulation To 100mA
● Uses Backplane Power Sources
● Hardware shutdown control
● VISA and Kernel Drivers Supplied For Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Plus Soft Front Panel
● Use In Pickering 19-Slot PXI Chassis Or 18-Slot LXI Chassis


The 41-752 is a 6 channel battery simulator, each channel being capable of supplying up to 7V and 300mA to the load. Each channel is fully isolated from ground and from each other allowing the channels to be connected in series to simulate batteries arranged in a stacked architecture. The 750V isolation barrier permits the 41-752 to be used to create a lower power version of a battery stack representative of those used for vehicle propulsion.

Each battery simulator provides independent power and sense connections, allowing the battery simulator to sense a remote load and correct for wiring voltage losses. The battery simulator is designed to respond to dynamic loads, minimizing the need for local decoupling capacitors at the load.

A signal line on the user connector allows the user to shutdown all battery simulator channels with a single connection. Mulitple module control lines may be linked together to provide an easy way of inhibiting voltage generation when using many series connected modules that provide high output voltages and providing a means of automatic shutdown when connectors are removed

The 41-752 can be used as a 6 channel fully isolated power supply with independent sense lines on each channel The user connector is a 37-way high voltage D Type which is fully supported by the wide range of Pickering Interfaces
connector accessories


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