41-753 Battery Simulator Module

Single channel Battery Simulator

2.8A Source, 0.5A Sink current,Programmable output resistance,Output Voltage Adjustable 0 to 6V

● Single Slot Battery Simulator
● Remote Voltage Sense
● Isolated Outputs
● Output Voltage Up To 6V
● Power Supplied From PXI Backplane
● Programmable Output Resistance
● Programmable Current Sink Capability To 0.5A For Charger Load Simulation
● VISA and Kernel Drivers Supplied For Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Plus Soft Front Panel
● Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis


The 41-753 is a battery simulator module that can be used to simulate the power supplies of cellular phones and other portable battery devices. It features fully floating output terminals that can deliver voltages up to 6 Volts. The fast responding remote sense connections allow the module to regulate the supply voltage at the device under test.

The output terminals can float ±50V relative to the front panel ground to ensure the accurate simulation of battery operation

A module can source or sink current to provide simulation of a battery supply or a battery under charge. The programmable current sink can be set to divert up to 0.5A of the load current, permitting the battery simulator to act as a net current sink when connected to a charger circuit. The 41-753 is capable of delivering up to 2.8 Amps into the load.

The output resistance of the 41-753 can be programmed for values up to 1.15Ω to simulate the effect of battery output resistance when connected to time varying loads.The module derives its power from the PXI backplane and requires no external power source.

The battery simulator can be configured to prevent misleading operation. If the remote sense lines are not connected to the device under test, the power supply is automatically closed down. The alternative configuration regulates the front panel voltage if the sense lines are not connected to the load


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