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Doctor Cell

The Best Battery Restoration System

Doctor Cell can restore car battery, traction battery, and industrial battery.

  • Restore aged batteries only with electrical power!
  • This is not Battery Charger but Battery Regenerator!!
  • Recover more than 80% of normal battery capacity very fast!!
  • Extend Min 2 time of battery life span!!
  • No Transformer and No Chemical injection!!
  • Reduce CO2 greatly after regenerating aged batteries from
  • automotive, traction, industry, UPS, Hybrid car, Electric car, and smart grid!!


About 70% of lead acid batteries fail prematurely because of accumulation of lead sulphate on the plates of lead acid battery. This accumulation causes the battery to become unusable at approximately one-third of its natural life, compelling to buy a new battery.

Regeneration will recondition the used lead-acid batteries; revert to its original capacity. Regeneration system can significantly contribute to reducing environmental contamination occurred due to the disposal of scraped batteries, in addition to the energy conservation and cost saving efforts.


Doctor Cell that has Anti-Aging Charging technology can restore normal capacity of weak or dead secondary battery in much safer and shorter way and can extend battery life span more than 2 times because it can revert chemical impurities into originals and clean corrosion on the plates occurred during charging or discharging. Hence, we can use this technology for start-up battery for the ignition of internal combustion engine and vehicles to traction, Industrial and UPS (emergency power supply) batteries in various industries, batteries for renewable energy (solar and wind) and smart grid, and charging station and battery for electric vehicle in near future.

This is not Battery Charger But Battery Re-generator!!



Doctor Cell has NMS (Network Management System) function for Multi-Re generators (optional)

Network Management System

Network Management System

  • Real time monitoring on line during 24 hours.
  • Automated monitoring of multi regenerators from one center
  • Print out many kinds of output reports
  • Monitoring COD, HOD, voltage, current of each cell before and after restoration
  • Save maintenance cost and administration cost for battery regeneration


  • Postpone buying new batteries by extending the existing battery life two times.
  • No Transformer and No Chemical injection!!
  • Recover more than 90% of normal battery capacity very fast!!
  • Regenerating aged and weak batteries is now much safer and faster
  • Regenerating your batteries means Battery life extended by 100 to 150 % of the original OEM’s specification on the Life of battery


  • Extend your batteries life span
  • Reduce CO2 greatly after regenerating aged batteries from
  • Low power consumption design Batteries regeneration, environmental friendly behaviour.
  • Increase the battery performance.
  • Boost your productivity.
  • Reduce your electric consumption.

Let us renew it together!! Save Energy. Save Money. Save the Planet.


Maharashtra State Electricity Board Testimonial



Automotive, traction, industry, UPS, Hybrid car, Electric car, and smart grid!!

  • Automotive Vehicles (Fleet Vehicles)
  • Train & Ship
  • Golf Carts – Electric Wheel Chairs
  • Fork lift
  • Industrial UPS
  • IDC (Internet Data Centres)/Server Rooms
  • Broadcasting Centres
  • Solar & Back Up
  • Battery Bank
  • BOV(Battery Operated Vehicle)
  • Construction Equipment’s

Applications Battery Regeneration System

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