Flexible analog signal generation and capture platform

Flexible Analog Signal Generator

1ppm clock stability / 0.5ps clock jitter, On-board high performance clock source
  • Flexible analog signal generation and capture platform
  • Two daughter board slots
  • Choose daughter boards from the 7 available types
  • On-board high accuracy voltmeter
  • On-board high performance clock source
  • 1ppm clock stability / 0.5ps clock jitter
  • Available for PXI and PXI Express
  • LabView and LabWindows/CVI (VXIplug&play compatible) drivers included.


The PA72 platform is a platform of flexibility. It consists of a base board and one or two daughter boards. In daughter boards there is choice from several different generators, digitizers, filters, and Flexible Digital I/O modules. Also custom daughter boards can easily be created. This allows you to configure a data acquisition card exactly tailored to your needs. The PA72 concept provides a flexible and cost effective solution for medium and high end analog functions.

Each daughter board is optimized for best signal performance. A PA72 daughter board typically has Differential In-/Outputs, Low THD, Low Noise and High Accuracy.

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PA72 soft front panel

User control panel for the PA72 and an AWG daughter board.

The base board contains a 2-channel high-stability and low-jitter PLL clock generator, trigger circuitry, and of course the PXI-bus interface. A digital voltmeter is available for self-calibration purposes (supported by the driver), and can also be used for custom development boards.

The base board is available with PXI bus interface (PA72) and PXI-Express bus interface (PA72e). Both baseboards accept the same daughter boards. The J2 connector is a small version (XJ4) to ensure both versions are hybrid-slot compatible.


Available modules:

PA72G16400 daughter board – 16-bit / 400Msps Arbitrary Waveform Generator

PA72G14180 daughter board – 14-bit / 180Msps Arbitrary Waveform Generator

PA72D16180 daughter board – 16-bit / 180Msps Digitizer

PA72D14130 daughter board – 14-bit / 130Msps Digitizer

PA72DIOS6016 daughter board – Multifunctional programmable Digital I/O

PA72DIOS6100 daughter board – Multifunctional programmable Digital I/O

PA72BPF daughter board – Dual differential band pass filter

Ordering information:

PA72-nm / PA72e-nm
n = daughter board 1 (top position)
m = daughter board 2 (bottom position)
Daughter board codes:
0 = empty
1 = PA72G16400
2 = PA72G14180
5 = PA72D16180
6 = PA72D14130
9 = PA72DIOS6016
A = PA72DIOS6100
F = PA72BPF Filter daughter board (specify filter requirements separately)


PA72-15 -> PA72 base board with PXI-1 bus interface and a PA72G16400 generator on position 1 and a PA72D16180 digitizer on position 2
PA72e-20 -> PA72e base board with PXI-Express bus interface and a PA72G14180 generator on position 1 and no board on position 2


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