GP1616H Series - Programmable Signal Source / Function Generator - HP 8116A Compatible

GP1616H Series – Programmable Signal Source / Function Generator

Programmable Signal Source / Function Generator - HP 8116A Compatible
  • Fully compatible with the Hewlett Packard 8116A
  • Generates sine, square, triangle, and pulse waveforms
  • Frequency range from 1 mHz to 50 MHz
  • Up to 32Vpp amplitude
  • 3 digit resolution
  • Trigger and modulation modes
  • Logarithmic sweep and burst modes
  • FM, AM, and PWM modes


The GP1616H function generator is a programmable instrument capable of generating predefined Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Haversine, Haver triangle and Pulse waveforms as well as a programmable DC output. The firmware is customized to be fully compatible with the HP 8116A GPIB command set. Software test procedures using the original HP8116A instrument require no code modification when upgrading to the GP1616H.


Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
Component Analysis
Communication Signals
Process Control


The GP1616H offers phase-lock loop (PLL) stability and accuracy for generating signals up to 50MHz. Full programmability of all waveforms as well as pulse width and duty cycle parameters are supported.
Additionally, the GP1616H supports internal / external logarithmic sweep and counted burst functionality. Frequency, amplitude, and pulse width modulation modes are also supported when used with an external modulation source.


GP1616H-EAR  : Rack Mount Adapter for GP1616H

GT90002 : GPIB Cable, Double-shielded, 1 meter

GT90003 : GPIB Cable, Double-shielded, 2 meters


GP1616H : Programmable Signal Source / Function Generator – Hewlett Packard 8116A Compatible

GP1616HR : HP8116 Pulse Generator Replacement Product with Rack Mount Ear


Operating Modes
Continuous Continuous waveform is generated, phase locked to an internal crystal reference
Trigger Active input edge generates one output cycle.
Trigger slope: Positive or negative
Minimum pulse width: 10 ns
Minimum amplitude: 500 mV (p-p)
Input impedance: 10 K ohms
Gate Active level enables output cycles. First and last
output cycles are always completed.
Counted Burst A preprogrammed number of output cycles (1 to 1999) are generated. Min time between bursts is 100 ns when triggered by an external trigger.
Logarithmic Sweep Provides logarithmic up/down sweep between start and stop frequencies. Sweep time per decade is selectable between 10 ms and 500 s.
Timing Parameters
Frequency 0.001 Hz – 50 MHz, sine, square, triangle, and pulse
Resolution 3 digits
Accuracy 50ppm
Jitter < 0.1 % + 100 ps
Stability 50 ppm
Duty Cycle 10% to 90% in 1% steps, <1 MHz
20% to 80% in 1% steps, 1 MHz to 10 MHz
50% fixed, 10 MHz to 50 MHz
Output Characteristics
Range 10 mV – 16 Vpk-pk into 50 Ω
Resolution 3 digits
Accuracy ±5% at 1 KHz. sine, triangle and square
Waveforms Sine, Triangle, Pulse, Square
Output Modes Complement, disable, output limit
DC Ouput
Range 0 to ± 7.95 V into 50 Ω
Resolution Up to 6 digits limited to 0.1 ns
Accuracy ±2% of setting ±2 ns
Jitter < 0.1% of setting +50 ps, decreasing to 0.005% on slowest range
Duty Cycle
Range 1 to 99%
Resolution 3 digits
Accuracy ±0.5% setting, ±40 mV
Waveform Performance
Sine THD <-45 dB, 10 HZ to 100 KHz
< -40 dBc, to1 MHz
< -30 dBc for frequencies > 1 MHZ
Triangle And Ramp
<±3% (10% to 90% of amplitude, 100mHZ to 1MHz)
Square And Pulse
Transition Time
<7 ns, 10% to 90%
Pulse Aberrations <±5% of amplitude
FM Deviation: >+/-5% max for ±6 V input
Mod bw: DC to 20 KHz
AM Modulation: 100%, +/- 2.5 V input
Mod bw: DC to 20KHz
Pulse Width Range: Max of one decade with +/- 6.5 volt input
Pulse width range: 10 ns to 1 s, in eight decade
Inputs And Outputs
Trigger Output >2 V into 50 Ω 50 Ω impedance
External Trigger Threshold level: TTL levels
Trigger slope: pos or neg
Min pulse width: 10 ns
Input impedance: 10 K ohm
Modulation Input Max ±20 V, 10 Kohm impedance
Main Ouput Range: +/- 8 volts into 50 ohms
Marker Output High level: >2 volts into 50 ohms
Low level: 0 volts
Edges: Positive at marker frequency
Negative at start of sweep
X-Ouput Levels: 0 volts to 10 volts, 1.5 volt per sweep decade
into Hi Z.
Power Requirements 100-240 V selectable, 50 VA max
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 89 mm (3.5”) H x 213 mm (8.4”) W x 30 cm (12”)L
0° C to 50° C
Humidity To 95% RH, 0° C to 40° C
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