GP1650W - Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Wavetek 175 compatible

GP1650W – Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Wavetek 175 compatible
  • 50 MHz Sampling Frequency
  • 12 Bit Resolution
  • 256K deep waveform memory
  • IEEE-488.2 and SCPI compatible
  • 15 V pk-pk output into 50 ohms


The GP1650W arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) is a single channel programmable instrument capable of generating user defined waveforms or predefined sine, square, triangle, ramp up, ramp down and noise waveforms.


The GP1650W arbitrary waveform generator suppports simulation of complex waveform events. The waveforms can be executed using an internal clock with a programmable period from 20 ns to 150 s or via an external clock. The GP1650W offers an output voltage range of up to 15 Vpk-pk into 50 ohms with a separate offset generator. Very low amplitude signals can be generated with offsets of up to ±7.49 V. The output can be attenuated and filtered to obtain low level spurious and noise. The output waveform can be continuous, triggered, gated or burst using an internal, external or manual trigger.

The GP1650W offers 256K points of waveform memory and 4,096 possible levels for each address (12 bit vertical resolution), providing an array of over 1,048 million points for specifying virtually any waveform which could be mathematically generated, copied from a file, or captured by a digital oscilloscope. Waveforms can be defined point-by-point or predefined, such as sine, square, triangle, and ramp up/down. For specialized applications, waveforms can be loaded into memory and then edited as needed.

The GP1650W incorporates a menu driven front panel operation. An autoline feature makes waveform editing and generation simple. For each operational mistake, an error recognition and display sequence guides the user to the correct panel selection. The parameter values may be entered or changed using the numerical keypad or the rotary knob.


GP1650W : Arbitrary waveform gen. (GPIB), 50 MS/S, 15Vp-p. Compatible with Wavetek 175


Operating Modes
Continuous Output a continuous waveform with programmed amplitude and offset.
Triggered Output is quiescent until triggered by an internal, external, GPIB or manual trigger, then one waveform period is generated at the programmed point rate, amplitude and offset.
Gated Same as triggered mode except waveform is executed for the duration of the gated signal. Once gate deactivates, the last waveform’s period continues to completion.
Burst Same as triggered mode, but will generate a predefined number of waveform periods from 2 to 999,999.
AM Generator can be amplitude modulated by an external signal.
Arbitrary Characteristics
Horizontal Resolution 262,144 points (maximum)
Vertical Resolution 12 bits (4,095 points, -2047 to +2047)
Point Excecution Rate 50 MHz to 0.0066 Hz with 4 digits resolution and 0.01%accuracy in continuous mode. ±3% accuracy in triggered mode.
Storage Memory 256K points, non-volatile
Amplitude Characteristics
Range 2mV – 10.00 Vpk-pk into 50 Ω
Resolution 1 mV from 15 mV to 1.499 V
10m V from 1.50 V to 15.0 V
Accuracy ±2%, ±20 mV of programmed value from 1.50V to 15.00 V. ±2%
±5 mV of programmed value from 15 mV to 1499 mV.
Risetime <15 ns for -2047 to +2047 data change at max 15 Vpk-pk amplitude, into 50 Ω.
Sine Distortion <0.5% from 10 Hz- 100 KHz for a predefined sinewave with a minimum of 512 points
Offset Characteristics
Range -7.49 V to +7.49 V into 50 Ω. The offset range is independent from the amplitude range.
Resolution 10 mV
Accuracy ±0.5%, ±50 mV into 50 Ω
Output Characteristics
Impedance 50 Ω
Protection The instrument is protected against short circuit or accidental voltages of up to ±100 V (DC plus ACpk) applied to the main output connector
Filters Four (4) single pole lowpass filters with 3dB cutoff frequency at 1.5 MHz, 150 KHz, 15 KHz and 1.5 KHz
Inputs and Outputs
Sync Output Positive TTL pulse at selected clock rate. Programmable at any point between selected Start and Stop values. Output impedance is 50 Ω nominal.
Marker Output Positive TTL pulse with a min. width of one programmed clock rate. Up to four (4) markers available at user selected addresses.
Output impedance is 50 Ω nominal.
Clock Output TTL levels square wave at the point rate of the individual channel. Output impedance is 50 Ω nominal.
Trigger Input Range is + 10 V to -10 V, with 10 mv resolution, 5% accuracy and with selectable slope. Max. trigger frequency is 15 MHz with a min. of 25 ns pulse width. The sensitivity is 250 mVpk-pk, with a 1K Ω nominal input impedance.
Hold Input TTL compatible. A Hi-level holds arbitrary execution.
AM Input 5 Vpk-pk range for 100% modulation. Bandwidth is from DC to 20 KHz min. Input impedance is 10 KΩ nominal.
Clock inputs TTL compatible. Maximum 50MHz frequency with a minimum of 10 ns pulse width.
External Summing Input 1V for full scale output with a 1 KΩ nominal inpyt impedance and ±5% accuracy
Internal Trigger
Repitition 1ms to 999.9 S
Resoultion 4 digits
Accuracy ±0.01%
Power Requirements 92 V-128 V; 185 V-256 V AC switch selectable, 48-66 Hz.180 VA max.
Weight 8Kg net
Dimensions 13.0 cm (5.25”) H x 21.2 m (8.3”) W x 46 cm (18”)L
0° C to 50° C
Humidity 95% RH, 0° C to 30° C, 75% RH to 40° C, 45% RH to 50° C
CE Labeled Yes
GPIB Interface
Compatability Conforms to IEEE488.2 and is compatible with SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments).
Subsets SH1, AH1, T6, L4, SR1, RL1 PPO, DC1, DT1, CO, E2.
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