Data logger

Multi-Function Data Logger

Data Logger for Voltage, Current, pH, Temperature & Humidity
  • Easy to install and use
  • No power supply required
  • Supplied with data logging software
  • Low cost data acquisition systems
  • Multiple data loggers (in any mix) can be used on a single PC


All data loggers are supplied with PicoLog — the powerful yet flexible data logging software that allows you to start measuring and recording data with the minimum amount of effort. Also supplied are software drivers and example code to allow you to use Pico data loggers with your own software or third party software such as LabVIEW.

By using a suitable sensor our voltage input data acquisition products can be made to measure anything you require, but for specific applications the Pico data acquisition range also includes current data loggers, data loggers for temperature and humidity monitoring and educational data loggers with built–in sensors.

With our loggers you can use multiple units on a single PC so, even if we don’t have exactly the device you want, you can always create your own custom data acquisition system using multiple devices.


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Voltage Input Data Loggers

By connecting suitable sensors, our voltage input data loggers can be used to measure whatever you want.

Product Channels Resolution Input Ranges PC Connection
PicoScope 3425 4 12 bits 100 mV to 400V USB
PT-104 4 24 bits 0 to 2.5 V USB or Ethernet
USB TC-08 8 20 bits ±70 mV USB
ADC-20 8 20 bits ±2.5 V USB
PicoLog 1012 12 10 bits 0 to 2.5 V USB
USB DrDAQ 14 8 bits see specifications USB
PicoLog 1216 16 12 bits 0 to 2.5 V USB
ADC-24 16 24 bits ±2.5 V USB

Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

The Pico range of temperature and humidity data loggers offer a simple, accurate and affordable way to monitor and record temperature and humidity on your PC.

Temperature Humidity Voltage Sensors
EnviroMon Various
PT-104 PT100 / PT1000 sensors
TC-08 Thermocouples

Current Data Loggers

The PicoLog CM3 Current Data Logger is a three–channel current data logger that can measure alternating currents of up to 200 amps.

PicoLog CM3 Current Data Logger Specifications
Number of chanels 3
Range (voltage input) 0 to 1 V AC RMS
Accuracy (voltage input)
< 200 mV RMS
< 1 V RMS
RMS Noise 60 µV
Resolution 24 bit
Conversion time per enabled channel 720 ms
Voltage input 1 V RMS, 20 Hz to 1 kHz
Input connectors 4 mm sockets
Input impedance >1 MΩ, AC coupled
Overload protection ±30 V DC

Educational Data Loggers

DrDAQ is our low–cost data logger. With built–in sensors for light and temperature, and a microphone to record sound it is ideal for use as an educational data logger.

DrDAQ Data Logger General Specifications
Number of channels 14
Maximum sampling rate
Block mode
USB streaming
1 MS/s#
100 kHz#
Memory depth (block mode) 16 kS#
Memory depth (USB streaming)
Using the API
1 MS#
20 MS#

# Shared between active channels.

Built-in Sensors/Outputs
Channel Range Resolution Accuracy
Sound waveform ±100 ±0.2 not calibrated
Sound level 55 to 100 dBA 1 dBA 5 dBA
Temperature -10 to +70 °C 0.1 °C @ 25 °C 2 °C @ 25 °C
Light 0 to 100 0.1 not calibrated
RGB LED 16.7 million colours 8 bit x 3 not applicable
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