PXI Amplifier and Attenuator Modules

PXI Amplifier & Attenuator Modules

Single, dual, triple or hex attenuator, up to 6GHz
  • Range of High Voltage Amplifiers and Attenuators and Programmable RF Attenuators
  • Attenuate High Voltage Signals
  • Generate 60V Peak to Peak Output Signals
  • Multiple Channels on a Single Module
  • Occupy Single 3U PXI Slot
  • VISA and Kernel Support For PXI Environments


It is not unusual for test systems to generate high voltage signals incompatible with the instrumentation capability in a PXI system. It is also not unusual for tests systems to be incapable of generating large enough voltage swings to simulate sensors or other devices that stimulate a device under test. The PXI chassis power supplies limit the capability of PXI devices to generate high voltage signals without space consuming power supply conversion.
Pickering offers PXI solutions for both these problems. The 41-180 is an accurate DC to 3GHz programmable attenuator that has a 1dB step resolution, allowing it to adjust signal amplitudes for optimum measurement by other devices. The 41-182 is a programmable attenuator with bandwidth between 10MHz and 6GHz available in triple or hex formats.

The 41-660 provides a convenient way of attenuating high voltage low frequency signals to levels that can be captured by other PXI devices without risk of damaging them.
The 41-650 provides a convenient solution for increasing the signal amplitude from waveform or function generators to permit them to simulate real life sensors.
All the connectors used by these modules are supported by a comprehensive range of cable and connector accessories.


Click on the module order codes below to display more information for a particular model as well as links to data sheets and manuals.


Maximum Attenuation
Maximum Gain
Signal Connectors
Order Code
Solid State
Programmable RF Attenuator
10MHz to 6GHz
31.75dB per channel
SMA Sockets
Programmable RF Attenuator
DC to 3GHz
63dB per channel
High Voltage Attenuator
160 times
50-way D-type
High Voltage Amplifier
5 (600Ω I/P)
20 times
25-way D-type
SMB Sockets
5 (10kΩ I/P)
25-way D-type
SMB Sockets
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