PS48402 - Dual channel PXI power supply

Dual channel 0-48VDC / 2A / 80W

PS48402 - Dual channel Programmable Power Supply, 0-48Vdc
  • 2 channels of 80W max. each
  • 0-48VDC / 2A per channel
  • Isolated outputs
  • High accuracy, low noise output voltage
  • 4-Wire / Remote Sensing connection
  • Programmable Current Limit
  • 16 Bit Read Back of Output Voltage / Current
  • Integrated transient recorder
  • Flexible trigger options
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The PS48402 is a dual-channel Programmable DC Power supply in a single-slot PXI / cPCI form factor. Each output is fully isolated and capable of providing 0 – 48V DC / 2A / 80W per channel. This makes the PS48402 a very cost- and rackspace-effective solution to power your dual-rail unit under test.
The PS48402 has a programmable current limit and the ability to measure the output voltage and current under software or trigger control. An integrated transient recorder allows capturing up to 16384 samples of output current or voltage with a maximum sample rate of 10kSps.

Both the output voltage and current can be updated under trigger control and the transient recorder can be started on the same trigger. This allows for recording step responses without additional instruments.
Each unit comes with an external AC/DC conversion box that provides power for the outputs from the mains voltage.


Special functions:

  • Measure output voltage or current, software controlled.
  • Measure output voltage or current, external trigger controlled.
  • Update output voltage and current limit, external trigger controlled.
  • Sequence above functions and store measured values into on-board memory


  • Output Voltage: 0 to 48V per channel
  • Voltage setting resolution: 0.74mV
  • Voltage setting accuracy: ±0.2% of programmed value ±25mV
  • Load regulation: 0.1% of programmed value + 5mV (10 to 90% load change)
  • Output current: 2A max per channel. Above 40V lineary de-rating to 1.67A (80W max)
  • Current limit resolution: 35μA
  • Current limit accuracy: 0.5% of programmed value ±10mA
  • Sense line regulation area: 0.5V (sum of both sense lines)
  • Output ripple (typical): TBD (somewhere between 1.5 and 3 mV RMS under full load, Bandwidth DC – 1MHz))
  • Voltage Read back resolution: 0.74mV
  • Voltage Read back accuracy: ±0.1%reading ±10mV
  • Current read back resolution: 35μA
  • Current read back accuracy: ±0.2%reading ±5mA
  • Capture memory depth: 8k per channel
  • Rise time: 1Volt/ms (typical at full load)
  • Trigger input: Floating opto-coupler input (220 Ohm in series with a diode)
  • Trigger level: 4.0V – 12V (approx. 10mA – 50mA)
  • Trigger pulse low / high time: min. 20μs
  • Maximum capture frequency: 10kHz
  • Insulation resistance: TBD (probably > 100MOhm)
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • External AC/DC box input range: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz


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