PXI Precision Programmable Resistor Modules

PXI Precision Programmable Resistor Modules

Including RTD and Strain Gauge simulator modules
  • Precision Variable Resistor Modules With a Choice of Resistance Ranges
  • Very High Accuracy and Stability
  • Fine Setting Resolution
  • Low Thermo-Electric EMF
  • Simple Calibration With an External DMM
  • Suitable for Sensor Emulation Applications
  • VISA and Kernel Support For PXI Environments


This range of programmable resistor modules feature high setting resolution with excellent stability and accuracy through the use of innovative switching networks and software correction techniques. This also means all resistance values can be set – there are no missing values due to switch resistance or resistor tolerance.
They are ideal for sensor emulation applications that require very fine adjustment and also have the capability of being set as open or short circuit to simulate faults in cabling systems. The range includes modules specifically designed for RTD and strain gauge simulation.
Some modules incorporate a calibration port for connection to a DMM to assist in the confirmation of the module’s performance. Calibration can be performed with the UUT connected to the module and multiple modules can be cascaded and calibrated with a single DMM (this does not apply to the 40-297 which uses the same connector for the UUT and calibration).

Functional Diagram For The 40-260 Precision Programmable Resistor Module

Functional Diagram For The 40-260 Precision Programmable Resistor Module

The resistor channels and calibration port occupy separate connectors on the module’s front panel. All connectors are supported by a comprehensive range of cable and connector accessories.
New versions of the precision resistor cards are being regularly introduced, please contact your local sales office for more details.


Click on the module order codes below to display more information for a particular model as well as links to data sheets and manuals.


Resistance Range
Max Resistor Power
Front Panel Connector
Order Code
Precision Programmable
<10mΩ / 0.1%
90Ω to 8kΩ
15-way D-types for resisor channels,
9-way D-type for calibration port
<2mΩ or <15mΩ / 0.1%
1.5Ω to 2.9kΩ or 10Ω to 36kΩ
RTD Simulator
6 or 18
<8mΩ or <90mΩ / 0.1%
90Ω to 250Ω or 900Ω to 2500Ω
Strain Gauge Simulator
1 to 6
2mΩ or 20mΩ / 1%
350Ω or 3000Ω Bridge
26-way HD D-type for resisor channels,
9-way D-type for calibration port
High Density Precision
Programmable Resistor
1Ω / 0.2%
1Ω to 230Ω
37-way D-type
0.25Ω / 0.2%
2Ω to 13.5kΩ
0.125Ω / 0.2%
3Ω to 1.5MΩ

For applications with less demanding accuracy requirements and register control, consider our range of Programmable Resistor Modules.

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