Three Channel Function Generator

41-620-003 Three Channel Function Generator


The 41-620 is a compact 3 channel function generator provided in a PXI 3U single slot module. It is capable of generating sine waves to 10MHz with 48-bit frequency resolution referenced to the 10MHz PXI clock or to an external standard. The 41-620 can generate arbitrary waveforms loaded into the internal 256k memory, allowing the function generator to emulate many waveform types, including the typical waveforms of automotive and aerospace sensors.


  • DC to 10MHz
  • Three Channels in One 3U Slot
  • 48-bit Frequency Resolution
  • Simple Generation of Repetitive ArbitraryWaveforms
  • DC Offset Capability
  • Flexible Sweep Capability
  • Amplitude Modulation Capability
  • Uses 10MHz PXI Clock or External Clock Reference
  • Comprehensive Triggered Support
  • VISA Driver Supplied for Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • 3 Year Warranty



Part No. Description
41-620-003 Three Channel Function Generator


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