We at Vigven are actively pursuing research in the millimeter wave area to deliver products to our customers using the existing commercially available test equipment (COTS)

Exploration in the mmWave frequencies has taken giant leaps in the past few decades with the advancement in devices physics and fabrication of mmWave components. In particular, the 71–76, 81–86 and 92–95 GHz bands are also used for point-to-point high-bandwidth communication links, inter-satellite links, and point-to-multipoint communications. There are tentative plans to use millimeter waves in the future for 5G mobile phones

These higher frequencies do not suffer from oxygen absorption. There are plans for 10 Gbit/s links using these frequencies as well. In the case of the 92–95 GHz band a small band has been reserved for space-borne radios, limiting this reserved range to a transmission rate of under a few gigabits per second.

The smaller wavelengths in the band permit the use of smaller antennas to achieve the same high directivity and high gain as larger ones in lower bands. Due to the high directivity, coupled with the high free space loss at these frequencies, there is   great scope for a more efficient use of frequencies for point-to-multipoint applications. A large number of highly directive antennas can be placed in a given area, which will enable frequency reuse and also increase the number of users. The large usable channel capacity in this band also will allow for some applications and could be a replacement for the optical fiber.

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