Covering a frequency range of 1 MHz to 18 GHz, the LB5918A power sensor from LadyBug Technologies performs general-purpose average power, true RMS, and scalar measurements with a dynamic range of –60 dBm to +20 dBm. Once measurements are set up, the sensor needs only a power supply to enable unattended operation for use in such applications as test and measurement, radar, satellite communications, and research and development.

The LB5918A logs up to 1000 measurements/s and stores over 100 million measurements in nonvolatile memory. Its real-time clock with internal backup provides time-stamped data for measurements stored in memory. USB HID and USBTMC interfaces offer platform-independent connectivity to most computers, while optional SPI/I2C interfaces can be used for embedded applications. The power sensor is programmable using industry-standard IEEE 488.2 SCPI commands via all three interfaces. LadyBug’s NoZero NoCal feature eliminates the need for zeroing and calibration prior to performing measurements.

Housed in a sturdy aluminum housing, the LB5918A is 1.6 in. in diameter and 3.0 in. long. It is supplied with a power-meter application that provides tabular logging, strip charting, analog gauge display, and math measurement windows that allow calculation between multiple sensors. The software also lets users set up unattended operation, the real-time clock, and other sensor features.

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