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  • December 16th, 2017

Company: VIGVEN Tech Mark Pvt Ltd., Bangalore.

Position: Technical Sales Engineer.

Job Description:

VIGVEN is hiring for […]

VigVen represents knowledge, wisdom and wealth. True to this ideal VigVen is a partner by choice for technology solutions in the fields of Test & Measurement and Energy Efficiency. The solutions, products and services are brought from internationally reputed niche manufacturers. Given our domain expertise, VigVen has the distinction of representing some of the best brands in our chosen areas, thus rewarding you with industry- leading solutions ahead of others, with superior value.

Today, VigVen is poised for higher growth, by offering a huge portfolio of products and solutions – thus making it easy for our customers to trust a single source that they can rely on with confidence.

  • Defence R&D, Manufacturing and Services
  • Aerospace
  • Satellite and Launch Vehicle
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Wireless & Telecom
  • Semiconductor Testing
  • Automotive
  • Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Battery Regeneration
  • Automatic Test Solutions
  • General Purpose Test Instrument/Application
  • Production Test, Research and Development
  • RF and Microwave Measurements
  • PCI/PXI/LXI/VXI based test solutions
  • Data Acquisition systems
  • Cable and Harness Testing
  • ESD Protection and Monitoring
  • Energy Saving for Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Battery Regeneration